All About Hair Nets

Hair in our food is always an unfortunate and unsavory experience!

It’s something we all get squiggle about. To help prevent this dreadful experience from happening, hair nets are used in the food industry.

Hairnets are the most common food safety tool used in the food industry. The safety of the food is guaranteed with people wearing hairnets, especially in the food industry.

Though the small strands of hair don’t contaminate food or cause harm to you (any adverse health reaction in your body), it could certainly ruin your delicious meal. Hair in food products may also discourage you from buying that product ever again.

Why is it important to wear a hairnet?

Whether it is on the head, arms, or face, hair tends to fall out eventually. While you can’t avoid hair falling, keeping those hairs out of the food and ingredients is the trick. Hairnets are one of the solutions specifically designed to keep food products and processes safe.

It is essential for food industries to keep all foreign particles, including hair, out of their food products. Outfitting employees with hair restraints, like hair nets, and making them understand the importance of wearing them for food service is a significant part of the program.

Read on to know the significant details of hairnets.

How are hair nets used in the food industry?

Hair nets are used as protective gear in the food industry to keep food safe from contamination and protect consumers. Any loose hair falling into the food can carry bacteria on food and contaminate products. Hairnets keep the hair in one place, preventing hair fall into the food.

Hair nets are used to cover all hair, including the fringe, back of the head, and side areas. No hair should be visible outside of the food processing area or the food handler hairnet.

Though hair nets are used for different applications and industries, they are predominantly used for hygiene and food protection in the food industry. It’s fundamental for employees in food industries to get educated about the importance of hairnets and use one.

Hairnets are also worn to keep food packaging, utensils, and dishware equipment clean and sanitized.

What are the types of hairnets?

Hairnets are available in different types and colors based on size, style, and uses. There are invisible hair nets for work, disposable hairnets for the food industry, mob caps, bouffant caps, meshed hairnets, peaked caps, anti-microbial hair nets, latex or latex-free elastic hair nets, etc.

Hairnets for work are available in basic color shades like black, brown, dark brown, white, and blond. The meshed hair nets appear nearly invisible, matching the wearer’s hair color. It is critical that employees should have a say in choosing the hair net type to work in comfort.

What are hair nets made of?

Hair nets are made from fine silk edged with bands of tablet weaving or finger-weaving. Most hair nets made of polyester or nylon mesh materials are stretchable to fit different head sizes. Both males and females can wear them.

A bouffant cap hairnet is made from semi-transparent spun-bonded material. They are usually white, puffed in shape, and are called hair net bouffants.

Why is it essential to wear hair nets for food service?

The U.S Food and Drug Administration mandates employers and workers to wear appropriate hair nets for food service to maintain hygiene and protect food. Hairnets completely cover the hair in the head and prevent them from falling onto the food products.

They also help workers avoid touching their hair and then the food. Both men and women employees are required to wear hair nets while working in the food industry.

What are the benefits of disposable hairnets in the food industry?

Using disposable hair nets in the food industry helps prevent hair from getting into food and avoid contamination. Mainly they keep the hair away from the workers’ faces, eyes, and equipment maintaining hygiene and increasing efficiency at work.

Hairnets are lightweight and comfortable to wear. They are also simple to use, affordable, and provide adequate protection against food contamination.

What are the key functions of hairnets for work?

Hairnets for work serve two main purposes: First, they refrain hair from contacting exposed food items and keep equipment such as utensils, linens, dishwashers, uncovered single-service products, and other things clean and sanitized. Second, they refrain employees from touching their hair while serving food or working in the food production unit.

When should an employee wear a hairnet?

Employees working in the food production units have to wear hair nets when going into the production area, like the food preparation unit, fruit juice squeezing area, etc. Workers on the sales floor or in the cooler area normally don’t wear hairnets.

Proper hair restraints or hair nets should be worn to keep hair out of foods and food processors. The workforce should be trained on the policies and worn appropriately to keep food and consumers safe.

Where are hairnets used besides the food industry?

Hairnets are used in some labs, hospitals, and manufacturing operations apart from the food industry.

Where do you buy hair nets for food service?

An ideal way to shop hair nets for the food industry is online, besides the traditional way of buying them in stores. Buying hair nets online is easier and simple, with ample options to choose from. You can search for different hair nets at the same time and can also compare them all at once.

Suppose you look for a more reliable shop online, land in a bison life to get a variety of hairnets for food service.  There are a variety of hairnets to choose from, like latex or latex-free elastic hair nets, disposable hair nets, etc. While talking about hairnets for the food industry, buying them in bulk will save costs for you.

What are some top hair nets for foodservice?

Some of the top hair nets for food service or work include

  • Scarlett Durable & Invisible Medium Hair Nets
  • Violette Fine Mesh Hair Nets
  • Slim-Net Durable & Invisible Hair Nets
  • Jaclynette Durable & Invisible Hair Nets
  • Arya Net Extra Fine Elastic Edge Hair Nets
  • Valentina Invisible Hair Nets
  • Tough Net 18 Polypropylene Bead Protector, Latex-free, Non-woven
  • Magic Net Durable & Invisible Hair Nets