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Work Safety Gloves & Hand Protection

Safety gloves are essential personal protective equipment to prevent industrial accidents. Industrial accidents, especially severe hand injury may cause a devastating impact on workers and are expensive. Among other PPE like safety glasses and knee pads, industrial safety gloves are another essential protective gear that every employee should wear while working in the industrial environment.

Safety gloves are used to cover the hands and arms to protect the workers, especially those who work on the industrial or construction site. They provide grip or maintain sanitary conditions, improve operational efficiency, and ultimately prevent accidents.

Many industrial safety gloves are available in the USA market to satisfy every application, from chemical processing to electrical equipment handling and other safety requirements. Even within the same industry or business, workers may require several types or grades of safety gloves according to their type of work.

For this purpose, manufacturers produce safety work gloves with different materials and different characteristics besides application. The safety work gloves would range from synthetic to natural fabrics like cotton, plastic, rubber, etc., and cut, chemical, cold, heat, and abrasion resistance.

Types of Safety Gloves

While it is the vital responsibility of employers to protect their employees in the workspace, determining the right industrial Hand Protection gloves also plays an equal role. Choosing the safety work gloves depends on the type of work, duration of the job, occupational environment, and the type of conditions or contaminants associated with the work.

Sustained education and training are required to persuade workers and get them to adopt safe work practices like wearing suitable working gloves.

The different types of safety work gloves based on the above considerations include:

Disposable work gloves: These work safety gloves are designed for single-use and suitable for applications with little or no exposure to potential occupational hazards.

These gloves are made of thin materials such as nitrile, latex, vinyl, and neoprene. They allow workers to maintain some dexterity and sensitivity in their hands.

Lightweight safety gloves: Made of cotton and other thin fabric, the lightweight safety gloves provide a thin barrier between the workers, materials, and tools used for application. They offer protection against contaminants like dirt, dust, and minor abrasions but are ineffective against strong chemicals, solvents, cuts, burns, or punctures.

These safety work gloves can also be used as liners beneath other effective gloves in some cases to provide better protection against low temperatures.

Heavy-duty work gloves: These are gloves produced from a combination of natural, synthetic fibers and leather material for preventing shock and burns from electrical contact. Power utility maintenance and plant facility procedures are some of the processes that require heavy-duty gloves.

Some manufacturers of safety gloves USA use a different combination of materials to produce heavy-duty work gloves for greater protection. They use variations of cowhide leather, deerskin, and sheepskin for additional insulation and lining.

Chemical and liquid-resistant gloves: The chemical and liquid-resistant gloves are used to protect against chemicals or solvents like acids, alkalis, and other aqueous solutions. These working gloves are available in different materials like nitrile, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), butyl and neoprene, latex, and polyethylene, suitable for specific applications or industries.

Thermal proof industrial safety gloves: Thermal proof gloves like heat and cold-resistant safety work gloves are used to protect against extreme temperatures. They are fabricated from different kinds of materials like neoprene and aluminized material to withstand extremely high temperatures.

These thermal proof safety gloves can be used in industrial operations like welding, furnace, petrochemical, wire manufacturing, and laboratory applications.

Tear, puncture, and cut-resistant work gloves: These work gloves are used to protect against cut protection or abrasion. Materials such as poly-para-phenylene terephthalate or high-grade stainless steel are commonly used to produce these gloves.

Impact and vibrant resistant safety gloves: These are used to absorb the impact or vibration that may occur during industrial operations of fabrication or construction work.

Leatherwork gloves: The leather safety gloves are used for protection against welding and other general purposes. The buffalo leather work gloves are the most common with gauntlet cuffs that cover workers’ sleeves and prevent the trapping of welding spatter.

With these industrial safety gloves available for industrial applications, employers have to provide the right work safety gloves to protect their employees.

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