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Commercial mops are one of the essential tools for cleaning in any facility. They are the conventional, run-of-the-mill tool still used widely for cleaning spills, maintaining heavy traffic areas, and other cleaning procedures. Almost every business establishment has floor mops in its closet.

Cleaning mops are designed to absorb and wipe spills, dirt, debris, soil, film, and even germs from floors.

With a bundle of strings, yarn, or other absorbent material fixed to the end of a long stick, cleaning mops have evolved in different types to serve specific cleaning purposes and workspaces. (E.g., cut end finish mop, commercial headband cotton looped end string blue mop, etc.)

Choosing the Best Commercial Floor Mop

As with other essential products for running a business, choosing the right industrial mop depends mainly on the specific purpose and place. So, you must consider where you are planning to use this vital cleaning tool.

The right commercial floor mops and techniques effectively remove spills, dirt, dust, soil, and even germs on the surface.

Here are some of the best commercial mop types and their purposes.

Microfiber Cleaning Mops

For commercial places like restaurants, hospitals, healthcare facilities, and schools, microfiber mops are best because these places demand as much clean and germ-free environment as possible. Microfiber mops are made of polyester and polyamide materials which maximize their sanitation capacities.  

Looped-end Blue Mops

Looped-end mops are a single continuous play that loop to the mop heads

For huge corporate buildings or malls, looped-end mops may be the best choice. These places support a high volume of traffic over a vast stretch. Looped-end cleaning mops have a wide radius that speeds up cleaning large surface areas. Besides, the looped end floor mops are more durable and launderable.

Cut-end Finish Industrial Mops

Cut-end industrial mops are most beneficial for cleaning relatively smaller commercial spaces. These cleaning mops are more absorbent and least expensive than other commercial mops. Cut-end mops cover a smaller radius yet are considered a better choice for mopping small commercial surface areas.

Industrial Mops

Industrial mops are used for longer and broader dimension areas. They are designed for heavy-duty cleaning jobs and are more durable. Most industrial mops come with removable mop heads and equipment like wringer buckets.

When choosing floor mops, other significant factors worth considering include the mop size, yarn ply, head/tail band, color, absorbency, release, launderability, durability, and anti-bacterial properties.

Where to buy the best commercial or industrial mops for your business?  

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