Nano Microbial Cut End Finish Mop, 1.25" Universal Headband, Blue

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  • Professional Design: With its long threads, the cut-end mop head works well for anything from cleaning spills to heavy-duty cleaning jobs. The technology used in the mop prevents strong odors and growth. This preserves hygiene & freshness of your floors. This cut-end mop offers excellent water release properties.
  • All-purpose: The economical, all-purpose mop head provides ease of use and powerful performance. This mop is best when used for daily mopping or applying sanitary detergents. Applicable for commercial, industrial, and residential use. The all-purpose mop is suitable for any cleaning job including: industrial cleaning, janitorial, and household environments.
  • Usage: Mops do not wear out through use but through improper use. Proper maintenance is required to improve the efficiency of your mops. This growth resistant cut end finish mop is a non-launderable product which requires a quick and subtle wring wash in a bucket. 
  • Absorbent: This super absorbent mop absorbs four times their weight in water, giving superior strength for thorough and more absorbent cleaning. Whether soaking up a soapy solution or mopping it across the floor, the mop head gets the job done quickly and effectively. 
  • Fits Clamp-Style: The universal headband fits clamp-style and side loading handles, which makes choosing this mop head replacement an easy choice. A blended mop head is a good choice for everyday cleaning, disinfecting and finishing. You can also clean your mop head using water and a cup of vinegar. Store mop heads in a dry clean area with the headband up, not touching the wall or floor.

The Everyday Finish Mop Cut End is designed for high absorbency, durability and strength. Designed with a 75% post-industrial recycled cotton and 25% recycled blend. This combination of blends gives a good balance of affordability and performance. This 4ply cut end mop has fast absorption quality which makes the mop perfect for quick clean up and floor finish applications. The Finish Mop uses uniquely patented technology to provide resistance to growth while preventing odors. Ideal for any cleaning job including: industrial cleaning, janitorial, and household environments.

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Product Type

Item Weight15.75 ozSize OSFM
Lint -FreeYesColorBlue/White
Product Material75% recycled cotton, 25%recycled blend Product ThicknessNA
Warranty30 DaysWarningNA
WashableNoRecommended UsageIdeal for Janitorial, Industrial, Household, etc.

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