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No matter you work around your home, on a construction site, or in an industrial environment, eye protection is essential. Our eyes are exposed to dangerous threats all the time, and they need to be protected from any potential eye damage. Safety glasses are the best solution to protect your eyes from any impact caused due to flying debris, sawdust, or acids. They ensure a clear vision in the working area besides preventing eyes from any injuries or infections.

Benefits of Safety Glasses

Wearing safety goggles provides a lot of benefits. Take a look at some of the significant advantages.

Protection to Eyes: Safety goggles provide significant protection to your eyes from dust, debris, and chemical splashes while working in a hazardous environment. They are resistant to impact, shield around your eyes, and protect them from dangers coming in any direction. Safety glasses with side shields provide additional protection on the sides.

Chemicals and pesticides can cause inflammation which could be dangerous to your eyes. Wearing safety glasses will avoid the risk of having allergic reactions to these chemicals.

Prevent Vision Damage: Wearing eye protection gear will prevent your eyes from foreign objects, chemicals, and particles floating in the air in an industrial environment. They prevent wood, pollen, dirt, and dust from entering your eyes while working outdoors and protect your eyes from the long-lasting vision damage they could cause.

Prevent Eye Illnesses: Safety glasses with coated lenses prevent eye illnesses like Computer Vision Syndrome, a digital eye strain caused by viewing the screen for a long time. Wearing goggles would prevent you from developing eye illnesses like blurred vision, dry eyes, or eye strain while working on a computer.

Protection Against Unsafe Lights: Safety glasses could also save your eyes from the harmful effects of bright or high-intensity lights that come from motorcycles, cars, lasers, welding torches, and more. Wearing goggles will help protect your eyes from these high-intensity or unsafe light sources that may come in any form and avoid accidents while driving.

Protection from Sports Injury: Many sports like basketball, baseball, etc., could cause damage to your eyes. Besides, sports involving flying objects could pose a severe threat to the eyes. Safety glasses help players protect their eyes from any potential eye injuries caused during sports. The prescription safety glasses will benefit players who require safety gear and prescription glasses for clear vision.

Above all these, safety glasses could also protect against household injuries during cooking or cleaning. They prevent harmful radiation from entering into the eyes while watching TV or using the computer or laptop.

Types of Safety Glasses

Safety glasses are available in different types for all age groups people. There are kids safety glasses for kids, anti-fog safety glasses, clear safety glasses for men and women, etc.

Not all safety goggles are the same. They are designed for specific applications or working environments and come in a wide range of styles. Some safety glasses offer glare resistance and UV protection besides preventing liquid from splattering into your eyes.

There are also prescription safety glasses available in the market. These glasses are best for children who require prescription glasses for accurate vision and excessively use computers and smartphones.

Some of the best safety glasses in the market include:

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Things to Consider While Buying Safety Glasses

  • Check comfort and fit. The safety glasses should be in the right fit and comfortable to wear. Make sure the headband and nose pad are adjustable to fit different head sizes. The goggles should fit your face perfectly without being too tight or loose.
  • While wearing tight safety glasses for an extended period causes headache, the loose fit could fall off during your work, exposing you to threats or damage.
  • The best safety glasses are those that offer peripheral coverage. The side shields prevent foreign particles from reaching the eyes underneath lenses.
  • When buying protective eyewear, consider the working environment. Look for safety glasses with anti-fog coating and UVA protection for outdoor work.
  • Check for safety certification to ensure the glasses have been adequately tested and meet the necessary standards. They are usually marked on the inside of the lenses.


Safety glasses have shields that cover and protect your eyes from harmful chemical splashes, dirt, dust, and other foreign particles from reaching your eyes. They provide clearer vision when working in dangerous work environments and prevent injuries.

Safety glasses have the most extended lives than other PPE equipment. If you properly maintain them, the glasses can last up to 3 years without incident. However, it is advisable to get your safety glasses replaced every three years despite their condition.

Safety glasses are made of solid polycarbonate material, which helps reduce the risk of dust, chemicals, flying objects, or other hazards reaching your eyes. They are specially designed to protect your eyes from potential dangers at your workplace, home, or sports.

Yes. OSHA wants employees to wear this personal protective gear at all times to minimize the risk of eye injuries at workplaces. OSHA requires employers to provide the best safety glasses, prescription safety glasses for protecting employees from serious hazards while working.

The Z87+ marking indicates safety glasses meet a higher impact standard-compliant with ANSI Z87 & ANSI/ISEA Z87 and go through a much stricter set of tests than Z87.

The American National Standards Institute for eye and face protectors has set the current industry standard for safety glasses as ANSI/ISEA Z87.1.

The safety glasses must undergo a drop ball or needle test for the lenses’ primary impact safety classification of lenses. A one-inch diameter steel ball or needle is dropped onto the lens from a height of 50 inches. The lens must not crack or break to pass. A 500 gm spike is dropped from the same size to test lens and frame resistance.

Unlike regular glasses, safety glasses are specially designed to meet workplace safety requirements. They are made from polycarbonate material- a light but strong material that protects eyes from chemical splashes, dust, debris, or other flying particles. The safety glasses offer a higher level of protection to the eyes than regular classes and must meet a higher compliance standard for impact.

Yes. The safety glasses with ANSI Z87 ratings are compliant with OSHA regulations. The markings are specified by the American National Standard Institute for the safety glasses to be safe.

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