General Information

1) Who can I contact with any questions? 

You can call Michael Miller and Brittany Wainaina by calling 770-696-9588 or by email at  -


Delivery Information

1) Do you offer Free Shipping?

We offer free economy shipping for the entire store. Orders that qualify for free shipping will be shipped via ground carriers (FedEx / UPS / DHL / USPS Priority Mail/USPS First Class Mail) and usually take 5-7 business days to arrive.

2) Are there any possibilities of delay in the order and how will I know about it?

Yes, all orders are subject to stock availability and shipment could be delayed based on that. In such a case, we will contact you.

3) Do we blind dropship? 


4) Where do our orders ship from? 

California and Georgia.

5) Do we allow customers to pick up from our warehouse? 

Of course, but usually it’s easier and faster for us to handle the shipping.


Return Policy

What is the return policy? 

If you or your customer’s are unsatisfied with your order, we will return or replace the item(s), no questions asked or your money back. For PPE item(s), due to the hygiene issues we don’t accept returns. Check on which items fall under strict no return policy before placing an order. For More details visit the page -


Payment Information

1) Do we accept Credit Card?

Yes, we accept credits cards for an online purchase.

2) What credit cards can I use to place my order online?

We accept all major credit cards including American Express, Discover, Master and Visa.


Ordering Information

1) What are standard payment terms? 

Net 30 days

2) Is there any paperwork to get setup with an account?

Yes, We have a basic account set up form to be filled. If you are a reseller than a reseller certificate is required. we keep things simple.