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Anyone working in a food processing facility or food production industry is mandated to wear hairnets working. Nobody likes hair in their food, and all employees in the food production department should wear proper hairnets or bouffant caps during work.

Wearing hair nets for the food industry prevents hair from falling into food or onto equipment. All kinds of hair restraints will hold dislodged hair, preventing them from falling onto surfaces.

The FDA’s Food Code requires employees in the food industry to wear “hair nets or hair coverings,” beard restraints, and proper clothing that covers body hair” at work. Any kind of hair restraints such as hairnets, hats, or baseball caps is acceptable to wear in food and other industries.

Hairnets serve two main purposes:

First, they keep hair from falling into exposed food or products, clean and sanitized equipment, unwrapped articles, utensils, and linens.

Second, the hairnets keep workers’ hands out of their hair.

Other than employees who have contact with food, laboratory staff involved in the chemical manufacturing processes or experiments, and manufacturing workers at electronic plants should wear hairnets as protective equipment.

The hairnets prevent human hair from contaminating samples and keep long hair from getting caught in the equipment. They cover all types of whiskers and avoid disrupting components while in manufacturing plants.

Many laboratories and the electronics industry require hairnets for their workers and even list them among the personal protective equipment to wear before entering their respective premises.

Important Reasons to Wear Hairnets for Food Industry or Work

Always be mindful that hair in the food is usually displeasing and affects customers’ return to the establishment. Moreover, not wearing hairnets for cooking or using improper hair nets is a health code violation. Therefore, it is essential to understand the importance of wearing hairnets for the food industry or hairnets for work, the dangers, and the best ways to prevent them from getting into the food or products you serve.

Not wearing a hair restraint or improper hairnets can pose dangers to food, chemicals, electronic items, or other products. Hair in any product is a physical hazard that can cause choking or injuring employees while working.

Hair can also be a biological hazard that may cause food-borne illnesses on exposed food or food products.

It’s quite easier to prevent hair from getting into food than trying to repair any damage. So, hairnets are essential protective equipment to use in the food industry or other facilities that have risks of damage due to hair.

Wearing hairnets for cooking will keep hair off the food and avoid contamination. Regardless of position, all employees in the food production department should wear appropriate hair restraints for work like hats, hair nets, beard nets, scarves, caps, or other headcovers.

Meanwhile, hairnets can also help you keep off your hand from touching your hair and contaminating them.

Maintaining Hair Nets

Keeping hair restrains in a good and clean condition is critical when it comes to food safety and industrial equipment. The disposable hair nets are meant for single-use and should be discarded, just like any other disposable product.

Many types of hairnets are available to use, like Scarlett Durable and Invisible Hair Nets, Fine Mesh Hair Nets, Slim-Net Durable & Invisible Hair Nets, Polypropylene Beard Protector, Anti-microbial Hair Nets, Disposable Honeycomb Hair Nets, and Resilient Disposable Beard Guard, etc. Be sure to pick the appropriate hair restraints suitable to your task and workplace.

If you’re looking for hairnets for the food industry or hairnets for work, reach us at Bison Life. We provide different types of hairnets for different uses at affordable prices. Our hairnets for work are designed for comfort, durable, and ensure premium quality. They also provide environmental protection and are easy to clean up. Get your suitable hair net now!


Wearing any kind of hair restraints like hair nets is effective towards preventing hair from falling into exposed food and functioning equipment. Hairnets also prevent you from touching your hair and avoid contamination.

Hairnets keep hair from falling into food, utensils, clean and sanitized equipment, or uncovered articles. They prevent food contamination and equipment malfunction by keeping the hair off. Wearing hair restraints prevent physical and biological hazards of products.

Using a hairnet involves different methods depending on the individual’s specific hair net and hair type. In all ways, make sure you bring the hairnets all the way over the hairline and avoid letting a stray hair escape.  The primary purpose of wearing a hair net is to prevent hair from falling from the head, so wear it properly, covering your head. There are many YouTube tutorials on wearing hairnets available online, which you can refer to.

Hairnets for work ensure the prevention of hair falling onto the equipment while functioning and keep your hands from touching the hair, avoiding contamination. They keep the equipment clean and sanitized with no stray hairs and prevent damage or disruption.

Hairnets should cover all hair, including the fringe, back of the head, and side areas while working in the food production or processing facility. The hair shouldn’t be visible outside of the hairnet. This helps prevention of hair from falling into food and avoids contamination.

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