Bison Life: One-Stop Shop For All Safety and Cleaning Equipment

Safety is a primary concern while working in any industry for both employees and employers. Considering that all other safety measures are in place, personal safety equipment or protective equipment can prevent accidents that might otherwise put an individual's wellbeing at risk. Another significant consideration across many industries is maintaining hygiene and cleanliness. So if you are looking for safety and cleaning equipment for industrial or personal use, look no further. Bison Life is the ultimate destination for any products related to Industrial Safety, Industrial Cleaning, Food Safety, and Health Care. This International Women's Day, Bison Life is giving away amazing offers – 10 percent off on all products with a minimum order value of $100. You can avail the offer with coupon code - WDAY10 till 15th March of this year.

Let’s take a look at the enormous collection of safety and cleaning equipment provided by Bison:

Heavy Duty Vinyl Apron:

These aprons are made for both demanding workload and use at home. It's made of vinyl, ensuring durability and protection against harmful chemicals, water, and cross-contamination. The apron comes in a standard size that fits most because of its adjustable neck and waist straps. Ideal for use during food processing, chemical processing, dish-washing, and even as a butcher apron.

Headband Blend Mop:

These mops have looped ends that prevent wear and tear while enabling effective cleaning through smooth gliding movement over the surface. It’s made of cotton and blended fibers, with excellent water absorption and retention. Along with high strength, these qualities make the mop ideal for industrial, commercial, and residential use. You can toss it into your washing machine and get a clean mop head every time.

Microfiber Dust Mop:

Microfiber attracts dust which makes cleaning surfaces easy and saves time. Whatever the surface – laminate, hardwood, tile, or concrete floors, these microfiber dust mop works effectively every time and for a long time. It is a high-quality dust mop with looped-ends giving it a long life. You can use it to clean any surface with dirt, dust, or debris, such as in schools, restaurants, or even the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom in your home.

Reusable Face Mask:

This pandemic has taught us the importance of face masks. However, not all masks available on the market are efficient. Bison’s reusable, 100 percent cotton face mask is a three-ply pleated mask with a non-woven middle layer. It gives the protection you are looking for, with comfort. The mask is environmentally friendly, and you can wash and reuse it several times. Every member of your family, kids to the eldest member, can wear these masks as it's made of breathable and sweat-absorbent material.

Digital Thermometer:

These are digital thermometers that use infrared to read an individual's body temperature on Fahrenheit or Celsius scale. There are many advantages of using this thermometer, the most crucial being highly accurate reading. In addition, it gives fast response in a clear LCD and signals in case of emergency, such as alarmingly high temperature. You can use it in homes and hospitals and carry it in a first-aid kit.

Medical Watch:

This water-resistant medical watch uses Quartz movement, ensuring accuracy and easy maintenance. It is made to glow in the dark and is amazingly lightweight and comfortable to wear. It is efficient and stylish due to its metal buckle and nonabsorbent silicone band. It is meant for all but especially suitable for healthcare personnel and people into sports.

Blood Pressure Monitor:

This piece of device is one of the essential things that everyone should have if an individual feels unwell. Be it at home or place of work, or even entertainment, a blood pressure monitor can save lives by indicating if a person needs immediate medical attention. Bison's fully-automatic blood pressure monitor gives an accurate reading on an LCD. It stores up to 120 readings in its memory in two groups and indicates a low battery. The display shows a Blood Pressure classification indicator based on WHO guidelines. Also, it has an automatic shut-off function which saves battery life.

Stainless Steel Resistant Gloves:

These gloves are made of stainless steel wire, giving you a good grip on wet, slippery, and sharp objects while protecting your hands. Since it's made of metal, it is highly durable and robust. The gloves have adjustable wrist closure making them suitable for any hand size. You can wear them during woodworking, construction, mechanics, and even in the food industry, where you need to chop, slice and cut food.

Knit Cotton Work Gloves:

Contrary to the above in terms of material, these gloves are made of cotton and polyester. However, these are as efficient as the gloves mentioned above, if not more. The 7-gauge fabric in these gloves gives protection from extreme temperature and minor injuries. It is comfortable to wear, easy to clean, and can be used for various tasks at home and the workplace.  

Disposable Hair Nets:

It is for both men and women working in jobs that require you to secure your hair for safety or hygiene purposes. It's made of nylon and easy to wear and remove. One of the best features is flame-resistant, making it ideal for use in hospitals, labs, and even foodservice industries. It is stretchable and fits adults and youth equally.

Safety Glasses:

Bison offers both clear and colored safety glasses with anti-scratch and anti-fog coating. Both the lens and frame of these glasses are made of polycarbonate. It comes with brow protection and molded side shields for clear visibility, making it the perfect choice for complete eye protection. Choose clear safety glasses when working on paintings and lab work that requires a clear vision, or choose Blue Mirror Safety Goggles outdoors on field investigation or construction sites.

Mitt with Scouring Pads:

Bison gives you equipment for your safety and comfort and the comfort of your pets. These Scouring pads are the ultimate choice if you want to give your fluffy pet a nice bath while keeping your hand mess-free. It comes in different colors and is highly comfortable to wear.

Why Choose BisonLife?

If you are looking for high-quality safety and cleaning equipment at a budget-friendly price? Then Bison Life is a one-stop solution to all your concerns. Bison Life is an NWBOC certified company that takes away your struggle and brings you a comprehensive collection of equipment for industrial, commercial, and residential use at an affordable price.