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Polycarbonate face shields are designed to provide full visibility while protecting employees or hobbyists from airborne debris, chemical splashback, dust particles, flying objects, harmful optical radiation and various types of impact. Employers around the country continue to recognize the importance and overall versatility of high-impact face shields. But, face shields come in a wide range of dimensions with various features. Because of this, many employers are left wondering what they need to know for proper industrial face shield selection. Keep reading to learn more about the various aspects of safety headgear compliance and how to ensure optimal comfort, a secure fit and ease of use for your workforce — no matter your industry.

Industrial Face Shield Considerations

As with most personal protective equipment (PPE), it's important to choose safety headgear that allows you and your employees to focus on their work without worrying about comfort, safety and fit. By choosing the right headgear, like the Safe Handler Safety Face Shield available from Bison Life, you and your workforce will benefit from greater protection, increased productivity and peace of mind. The following are the most important things to consider when purchasing new polycarbonate face shields.

Comfort & Fit

One of the leading factors in industrial face shield compliance is comfort and fit. If a face shield doesn't fit properly or is uncomfortable, employees are more apt to remove it, leaving themselves vulnerable to injury or death. An impact-resistant face shield should have a snug fit, similar to a hard hat.

In addition to this, an industrial face shield should be adjustable via a ratcheting system. This includes a headband for the right circumference fit and a top band for proper depth fit. The face shield should also evenly distribute pressure and feature quality padding that promotes all-day comfort. When worn properly, this type of safety headgear provides optimal stability and balance.

Bison Life's Safe Handler Safety Face Shield is fully adjustable and designed with a 5-position crown strap and ratchet adjustment knob on the back, ensuring the perfect fit. Plus, each face shield comes pre-installed with a replaceable sweatband for ultimate comfort and moisture absorption.

Ease Of Use

Whether you or your employees are using face shields alone or in combination with other forms of PPE, safety headgear should be easy to use. If it's not, workers are more prone to remove their headgear or simply not wear it at all. So, it's important to look for polycarbonate face shields with simple, efficient and hassle-free attachment systems.

If your safety headgear will be worn with other PPE, like hard hats or earmuffs, you'll want to avoid face shields with any potential gaps where they'll meet the other PPE. Look for an industrial face shield that can adapt to a wide range of hard hats and provides a secure and universal fit when combined with different types of PPE.

Whether you're conducting metalwork or gardening, the Safe Handler Safety Face Shield is easy to use and adjust for that perfect, made-for-you fit. It was built for safety, providing (ANSI) Z87.1 compliance and adaptable protection for industries like construction, automotive, lawn & garden, and more.

Additional Considerations

When choosing your safety headgear, you'll also want to keep the following things in mind: 

  • Scratch-resistant coatings ensure optimal visibility while prolonging the life of the safety headgear. 
  • Anti-fog coatings, designed for environments where fogging is a safety concern, promote and prolong clear visibility.
  • Easily replaceable shields and sweatbands offer convenience for maintenance and cleaning.

The Safe Handler Safety Face Shield is made using durable and flexible polycarbonate, so it's safe and won't ever obstruct your field of vision. The innovative design also includes cam locks to secure the face shield to the headgear, allowing for easy removal to wash or replace the shield.

When comfortable, reliable safety headgear is a part of your company's safety culture, not only will your employees benefit from a safer environment, but you'll save significant money from injury-related incidents. Everybody wins when safety is your top priority.

Ensure Employees are Safe and Comfortable with the Help of Bison Life

At Bison Life, we're proud to provide customers with polycarbonate face shields that are built to provide outstanding visual clarity, all-day comfort and durability you can trust. Our selection of industrial safety products includes everything you need to keep your employees safe, no matter your industry. If you have a question about our products or need to place a bulk order, contact us today.

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