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Welcome to Bison Life, where we provide exceptional discounts on necessary cleaning and kitchen supplies! Making sure your kitchen is properly stocked and that your cleaning regimen is effective becomes even more important as the weather gets warmer. We cater to a wide range of customers, including experienced professionals in the culinary industry, passionate home cooks, and those who are just restocking on premium goods. Look through our wide selection below to discover the ideal items for your needs.


An apron represents your sense of taste and dedication to maintaining a spotless kitchen in addition to being a functional need. We have a large selection of aprons that are suitable for a range of uses, from short and hygienic chores to heavy-duty industrial use.

  1. Thick Apron (Waterproof & Oil Resistant): Made of sturdy materials, this apron can handle the rigors of dishwashing, gardening, lab work, dog grooming, and hectic kitchens. It is also made to last. Its comfort and durability are valued by chefs and kitchen personnel. 
  1. Heavy Duty Industrial Bib Apron: This apron is perfect for demanding industrial settings where mobility and durability are essential. It has chemical resistance and a comfortable, adjustable fit. 
  1. Throwaway Lightweight Poly-Aprons: Easy to use and hygienic, ideal for jobs that need to be changed often or catering events. Their lightweight construction guarantees hygienic conditions without requiring washing. 
  1. Waterproof PVC Apron: Especially made for experts handling chemicals or spills, this kind of apron offers the necessary water resistance to ensure safety in potentially dangerous situations.

Our aprons are expertly made to withstand the demanding conditions found in professional kitchens and other settings. Our aprons provide comfort, durability, and safety, whether you are a home cook handling messy recipes or a chef working long hours in a busy restaurant.


In every setting, having clean floors is crucial for both hygiene and safety. From regular maintenance to specialty duties, our wide range of mop selections caters to a variety of cleaning needs.

  1. Commercial Cotton Looped Mop: With superior cotton loops that effectively absorb moisture and debris for streak-free cleaning, this mop is made for heavy-duty use in commercial settings. 
  1. Microfiber dust mop: This dust mop is excellent at collecting dust and debris, eco-friendly, and machine-washable to prolong cleaning efficacy and cut down on waste. 
  1. Cleaning Non-Woven Floors Wet Mop: Uses non-woven fibers to evenly absorb moisture, quickly and effectively cleaning floors and leaving them streak-free and dry. 
  1. Nano Microbial Finish Mop: Ensures long-lasting cleanliness by applying floor treatments uniformly for a glossy, polished surface that is perfect for high-traffic areas.

Our every mop is made to improve productivity and cleanliness in a range of settings, including hotels, offices, dining establishments, and medical facilities. Our mops are highly effective at cleaning up stubborn messes and keeping a spotless appearance.


Hairnet is imperative to uphold stringent levels of sanitation in areas where food is prepared. In order to keep hair safely contained and looking professional, our assortment of hairnets offers cozy and functional solutions.

  1. Robust & Invisible Hair Nets: These hair nets offer a covert way to keep hairstyles in place with a tight, permanent fit; perfect for cooks and other culinary personnel. 
  1. Fine Mesh Hair Nets: With a tiny mesh structure that lets airflow while firmly holding hair in place, these nets offer outstanding breathability and comfort. 
  1. Disposable honeycomb hair nets: These hairnets are ideal for one-time usage or settings where frequent cleaning is necessary to maintain standards of cleanliness.

Our hair nets are made to be comfortable and functional, guaranteeing that hygienic practices are followed without sacrificing comfort or style. Our hairnets work reliably whether you are in a clean medical setting or a busy kitchen.

Specialized Products

Apart from our primary categories of hairnets, mops, and aprons, we also provide customized items for certain cleaning and safety requirements.

  1. Disposable food handling gloves: Disposable food handling gloves are a must for upholding food preparation hygiene standards. They provide kitchen workers and caterers with comfort and protection. 
  1. Cleaning Brushes and Scrubbers: Our selection guarantees that every surface and chore is handled with care and efficiency, from strong scrub brushes to soft cleaning brushes. 
  1. Safety Glasses and Protective clothing: Our safety glasses and protective clothing offer vital protection for professionals handling chemicals or working in dangerous environments.

Why Choose Bison Life?

At Bison Life, customer happiness, quality, and durability are our top priorities. Our products offer comfort and convenience of use, and they are carefully designed and tested to suit the demands of professional workplaces. 

  • Quality Assurance: Every product is put through a comprehensive testing process to make sure it lives up to our high expectations for performance and durability.
  • Variety and Flexibility: We provide a large selection of goods to meet a range of requirements, from regular household cleaning and industry safety products chores to heavy-duty industrial applications.
  • Customer satisfaction: We are always here to help you locate the perfect product and make sure you are satisfied, since we are committed to providing excellent customer service.
  • Environmental Responsibilities: In order to cut down on waste and lessen our influence on the environment, we try to provide eco-friendly options like washable mop heads and reusable aprons.


We provide the goods you need at costs that meet your budget, whether you're updating your home cleaning supplies, maintaining a healthcare facility, or outfitting a professional kitchen. Check out our selection today to see why professionals in a variety of sectors rely on our products for their cleaning and culinary necessities.

Visit Bison Life now to learn more and peruse our whole product line!



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