Industrial Mop Heads & Their Benefits

Industrial mops are substantial in cleaning floors of any facility. They are versatile and can be used to clean and maintain heavy traffic areas, carry out floor disinfection, clean stains, and spills, and tackle all kinds of tough cleaning. As industrial mops are used in many applications, the right industrial mop head is crucial to keep the environment clean and safe.

Here, we help you with the benefits of heavy-duty mop heads and why they are ideal for nearly any application.

Types of Industrial Mop Heads

Different types of commercial mops and mop heads are available for various applications. If you are looking for general cleaning and spill clean-up, blended industrial mops are the best option. There are also dust mops that are great for picking up dirt and dust and making your floors clean.

Dust mops and dust mop heads not only remove dust from surfaces but also equipment in workplaces and keep them clean. Sponge/cellulose mop heads are perfect for light scrubbing and mopping up spills.

You have disposable mop heads to use in health care settings. They are perfect for hospitals because they ensure environmental hygiene, safeguard infection control, and improve productivity with seamless cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting processes.

Disposable mop heads eliminate the time-consuming laundering process and take the hassle of caring for the product. Disposing of mop heads after each use makes it easy and provides a fresh clean every time. 

The following factors are why commercial mops make for the perfect floor cleaning solution.

Benefits of Industrial Mop Heads

Long-lasting Durability

High-quality commercial mops are strong and durable with the best yarn type and mop-end style. A looped-end mop head replacement is washable and more durable than less expensive cut-end mop heads. Cut-end commercial mops may seem cheap, but they can’t be cleaned, and you’ll end up spending more money over time by replacing them.

While looped-end industrial mops cost higher initially, they can last up to eight times longer than the cut-end and low-end mop heads.

Superior Absorbency

Industrial mop heads are generally made of blended materials, providing excellent absorbency. This allows the mop heads to pick up and hold a significant quantity of liquid. A well-absorbent commercial mop equalizes faster and more absolute cleaning along with drying. The quicker the floor dries, the sooner a facility can be reopened, reducing any inconvenience.

Enhanced Efficiency

The release of a mop head determines how well it diffuses the water, cleaning solution, or finish. If a mop head has a better release, it permits a complete wringing and an efficient finish application. Heavy-duty commercial mop heads have an excellent release, enhancing the overall mopping process.

Besides, the looped-end mop heads are less likely to leave behind strands while mopping, resulting in less time cleaning up the debris.

Several industrial mop heads are available online, from ergonomic mop handles to industrial mop heads, commercial mops, and dust mops. The one you can count on depends on various factors like versatility, durability, safety, and reliability. Moreover, it should be appropriate for your industrial facility and application.

How to Buy the Best Mops or Mop Heads

As mop heads come in different materials and sizes and are available in extensive selections, choosing suitable mop heads can be daunting. This guide throws some light on how to pick the right commercial mop or mop heads for your facility.

Mop Head Attributes

You’ll need to consider a few attributes associated with mop heads before making an informed decision.

Look for the yarn ply with more threads per strand to absorb liquids efficiently. When it comes to twisting, a tightly twisted mop head will last longer and prevent linting.

Check for the launderability in mop heads. The higher the launderability in mop heads, the more wash cycles they can go through. Synthetic, microfiber, rayon, and blend are some of the materials with the highest launderability feature.

Choose mop heads that tend to have good absorbencies like cotton, blend, and microfiber industrial mop heads.  

The mop heads should have an excellent release to wring out thoroughly and best for applying cleaning solutions, wax, and other finishes to floors. Mop heads with the best release ability include rayon, microfiber, and synthetic.

Cleaning applications: Different jobs and surfaces require different mop heads. Cotton mop heads are the best choice for general cleaning and spill cleanup. For a perfect finish, you’ll want to select a mop with good absorbency and release to spread finishing solutions evenly and efficiently. And for disinfection, the materials with chemical resistance, adequate release, and launderability are best.

While mop heads are made of different materials like cotton, synthetic, blend, rayon, and microfiber, each has its own benefits and shortcomings.

There are also different headband styles that determine how the mop heads are attached to the mop handle. Choose from the narrow, screw top, and wide, 5-inch mop headbands according to your requirement.

Other crucial factors are mop head colors and sizes. Industrial mop heads come in various colors and sizes, from small to extra-large in yellow, green, red, and blue.

Mop head colors can also be used to designate mops for certain areas of cleaning or application. For example, blue mop heads are mostly used to clean up the water and red ones to clean up potentially hazardous substances.

The Right Commercial Mop Head Ensures Efficient & Effective Floor Cleaning

Commercial mop heads are one of the many components you need to consider when choosing a floor finishing or mopping system. Industrial cleaning tool manufacturers constantly look for ways to elevate their cleaning tools to cater to the needs of workplaces and those people performing tasks.

While a mop head may seem less important, it’s more valuable when it comes to cleaning efficiency. So, explore and find the best commercial mop or mop head that meets your requirements.

You can find many trusted brands selling quality industrial mops and mop heads online. Bison Life is one of the most reputable brands that offer the best-quality multipurpose industrial mops and mop heads for various applications at affordable prices. Shop the ideal mop head and keep your facility clean and safe!