Kleen Mitt’s NEW Interchangeable Pads

Water-resistance is crucial when cleaning dishes and washing dirty surfaces. Kleen Mitt is introducing a line of mitts and gloves that include interchangeable and refillable pads! These unique washing gloves offer ideal protection for your hands and sleeves. Designed for easy, natural cleaning safeguarding you from water and mildew! Stay clean and dry with minimal effort while allowing your kitchen to be sparkling clean! Each mitt and glove have a specific usage that features unique and effective properties. Whether you need to polish your car, clean your grimy old grill with a heavy-grade sponge or wash your dishes with an anti-scratch, fine-grade material – these are ideal options for your kitchen cleaning needs!

These are full coverage, water-resistant protection on hands to keep you dry, protected and on task! Stay clean and dry while cleaning hard to reach spots, counters, crevices, bathrooms, pots & pans, around appliances, etc. Made to be refillable and reusable all while being washable and dishwasher safe! Changeable cleaning heavy grade scouring pad refills are available for a high-quality function every time!

Enjoy the feeling of less strain on your hands, as it is flexible and specially constructed for everyday use and ease. There are many usages for the various, interchangeable cleaning pads including environments like Household, Restaurant, General Cleaning & Maintenance, and more! Our various selection of interchangeable Kleen Mitts are each ideal for their specific usages. This glove may be used wet or dry hand protection, whether it’s kitchens, bathrooms and various other hard-to-reach crevices.

Kleen Mitt makes the job quicker and much easier; Save time cleaning dirty kitchen instruments – whether it’s ceramic tile or metal, it’ll effectively get the job done. Ideal for household environments or anywhere that involves cleaning maintenance, household or kitchen equipment, instruments, household, janitorial work. Refill attachments are available for your hook & loop interchangeable palm. Popular Life’s Kleen Mitt offers a various selection of pad attachments for different usages. Includes 1 latex hook & loop surface glove and 1 Green Mitt refill pad.