Safety First! Don’t Forget Your Eye Protection

Each year thousands of children sustain eye damage or even blindness from accidents at home, at play or in the car. More than 90 percent of all eye injuries can be prevented through use of suitable protective eyewear. 

Child safety glasses come in all styles and colors. Pink safety glasses are even available for the fashion conscious!

Protecting our children’s eyes is something we sometimes overlook, but summer is prime time for eye injuries. Kids’ safety goggles are affordable and can give you peace of mind during all kinds of activities. 

Summer Games

Birthday parties, vacation activities, and other special events sometimes involve games which require eye protection. If you are throwing a party with some of these activities, you can order kids safety goggles in bulk. Not only will the kids’ eyes be protected - but they will be thrilled with a unique party favor.

For team activities - you can assign different colors to different teams - making the game even more exciting. If you are throwing a paintball party, goggles will be required. Surprise your group with their own, brand new glasses.

 Fun activities such as air-rifle battles, or any game that involves projectiles should include proper eye protection.


Crystal Kids Protective Clear Lens Color Temple Variety Safety Glasses

BUILT FOR COMFORT: Specially designed to fit children ages 3 - 13

FULL COVERAGE PROTECTION: Full coverage, anti-scratch coating for the best protection. Built for all-around visibility and a high level of direct and peripheral eye protection from flying particles or debris. Exceeds ANSI Z87.1 standards. Deep, universal-fit temples provide side peripheral protection identical to large side shields.

VARIETY PACK INCLUDES: 1 pair each of these temple color glasses: Green, Grey, Purple, Black, Red, Yellow, Brown, Pink, Blue, Orange, White, Clear4


Summer Projects

It is county fair time, and that means 4H projects are due. If your young person is working with wood, metal, or other harsh materials - they will need several good pairs of industrial safety glasses. Our groundbreaking tactical safety glasses for kids are remarkably comfortable and constructed to properly safeguard children with updated features and ergonomic fit. If you are a 4H leader - consider our bulk safety glasses to provide to all of your students. By purchasing safety glasses in bulk, teachers and coaches will be assured that each student has their own pair of child safety glasses.


Tactical Clear Lens Color Temple Safety Glasses for Youth and Kids

These comfortable glasses have an anti-scratch coating and are designed to fit ages 8 and up.



Most eye injuries in children occur during sports. Safety glasses for kids are extra important in baseball, softball, and basketball. Coaches and parents can buy kids safety goggles in bulk to ensure protection for the whole team.

Kids safety glasses should be worn for baseball, basketball, football, racquet sports, hockey, soccer, and lacrosse. Protective sports glasses should be made with shatterproof plastic like our polycarbonate, scratch resistant goggles. We also have anti-fog glasses and safety glasses to be worn over regular glasses.


Set the Example

Our children will be watching us as we go about our own summer activities. We can set the example (and safeguard our own sight) by wearing protective goggles for mowing, yard work, home improvement projects and repairs. This is especially important if we are using a gun or bow and arrow.

You might also want to wear eye protection if you are a spectator in a sport like baseball. You can be confident knowing that all of our eyewear meets or exceeds safety standards.