At BISON LIFE® we restrict the distribution of our brands in order to ensure quality and provide the best experience to our customers.  Unauthorized sale of our branded products is strictly prohibited.

At the current time, only Bison Life and Bison Production Company are authorized sellers of the following brands:

  • Bison Life®
  • Safe Handler®
  • Kleen Handler™
  • Kleen Chef
  • Zayaan Health
  • Popular Life

The Bison Life® Promise and our Limited Lifetime warranty is only valid for items purchased from authorized sellers. This includes sales through other online marketplaces such as,,, and any other online marketplaces.  Purchases from these marketplaces must be made from the sellers Bison Life or Bison Production Company in order to carry the original warranty and Bison Life® Promise.

We are currently not accepting requests to become authorized sellers of the above brands.