Bison Life

The BISON LIFE® Promise

 “Bison Life® is dedicated to providing healthful, gentle and safe personal safety and care products. We continuously strive to be your trusted partner in wellness and exceed your expectations.

As part of our Promise to you, we stand by our products and our service.  If you are not happy with our products, contact us and we will work with you to make it right.  Our products come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty, but more than that, they come with our dedication to meet and exceed your expectations.”



30 Day Money Back Guarantee

You may return your undamaged product and packaging within 30 days of purchase to receive a FULL REFUND for any reason.  If the reason for the return is not quality-related, we may deduct return shipping costs if the product is not returned in new condition.

Lifetime Quality Guarantee

We guarantee our products to be free of defects in workmanship or materials for as long as you own the product, subject to the products expected usable life.  If your product fails due to a defect in the product, we will repair or replace the product, or issue a full refund, at our discretion.  If we choose to repair or replace your product, we will pay all return shipping costs.  If we choose to issue a full refund, this may be contingent on a return of the defective product.  In these cases, we will pay all return shipping costs.

 What IS Covered

  • Purchases made from Bison Life or Bison Production Company.
  • Your warranty begins at the time of original purchase to the original purchaser (except in the case of gift purchases).
  • If your product is replaced, your replacement product will carry the same Limited Lifetime Warranty, but not the Money Back Guarantee (except for any remaining time left from the original purchase)

What is NOT Covered

  • Purchases from unauthorized resellers (for a list of authorized sellers, please contact us) regardless of the sales platform.
  • Improperly used, abused, or mistreated products. Use of a product in a way other than its intended use shall be deemed to be improperly used.
  • Lost or stolen products.
  • Non-quality related issues if after the first 30 days (within 30 days is covered by our Money Back Guarantee).
  • Complimentary, free, or products purchased at more than a 30% discount off the normal retail price.
  • This warranty is valid for the original purchase only and is non-transferable (except in the case of gift purchases). 

How to Claim Warranty

  • You will need to know the purchase date, order number, and place of purchase (Amazon, eBay,, our website, etc.) and the company from whom you made the purchase.  If you received your item as a gift, you must contact the person that gave the gift to obtain this information.
  • Contact us by email at, or by phone at 770-696-9588. We will review the issue and decide the course of action to be taken.