16 Oz Cut End Blended Mop Head Replacement with 1.25-inch Universal Headband, Wet Mop Refills, Blue


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  • Highly Absorbent: Kleen Handler cut end mop heads are made from blended yarn, capable of absorbing large amounts of liquid. They make cleaning up spills fast and easy with reduced dripping, and minimal shrinkage helps maintain their size and absorbency during use.
  • Safe for Floors: These mop head replacements are crafted from soft blended material, making them safe for most hard floor types, including vinyl, tile, and concrete. They clean effectively without causing scratches, scuffs, or damage.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for single-use applications and general-purpose floor cleaning, Kleen Handler absorbent mop heads are suitable for industrial, commercial, janitorial, hotel, and residential cleaning tasks, from spot cleaning to full floor cleaning.
  • Widely Compatible: Featuring a 1.25-inch headband and a 6-inch width, these replacement wet mop heads fit many side gate loading or jaw clamp mop handles (sold separately). They also work with most buckets with wringers, making mop head changes quick and easy.
  • Economical and Efficient: Each 16-ounce mop head measures 30 inches end to end, providing wide floor coverage. The brick packaging conserves storage space, and a yellow size label offers quick identification. These mop heads are hand washable for repeated use, offering an economical option for one-time cleanups.


Maintain a clean commercial, industrial, or residential space with Kleen Handler cut-end mop heads. Made from highly absorbent blended yarn, these mop heads retain water effectively, maintaining their shape and size with minimal shrinkage and dripping. The cut-end design allows for fast, efficient mopping and thorough floor coverage, while the universal headband ensures easy attachment to various mop handles (sold separately). Safe for most hard floors, these mop heads clean without scratching. Ideal for single-use heavy-duty cleaning jobs, they can also be hand washed for repeated use, making them an economical and versatile cleaning solution.


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