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  • FULL COVERAGE PROTECTION – Impact Resistant, ANSI 87.1, Anti-Fog, and Anti-Scratch Protection make these kid safety goggles a top choice for kids protective eyewear! Needed for kid's woodworking glasses, kid's science goggles, kid's lab goggles, blaster gun play protection, you name it, we’re trying to help you keep the fun going with safety and protection in effect!
  • YOUTH PROTECTIVE EYEWEAR – These youth safety goggles feature a unique ventilated cap system that allows maximum airflow while protecting against liquids, dust, smoke, and chemical splashes! Kid's eye protection is crucial to use for kid's lab glasses during experiments and labs. The ANTI-FOG and ANTI-SCRATCH finish along with the increased airflow helps prevent fogging and keep continued clear vision possible!
  • DESIGNED for COMFORT – Comfort is a must-have for safety goggles for kids! The colorful kid's eyewear is not only protective but has a built-in nose piece and an adjustable elastic strap for a more custom fit. These youth safety glasses can be worn with or without prescription glasses (commonly known as over-the-glasses safety glasses).
  • BULK & PACK SIZE OPTIONS – Youth protective eyewear is sold in different pack size options for the convenience of all who need and use eye protection for kids! We offer small pack sizes of a 6 pack and a 12 pack. While offering and meeting the needs of larger quantities of protective eyewear for classrooms, schools, and daycare facilities with a case pack of 24 child safety goggles or a bulk case pack of 144 child-size safety goggles.

BISON LIFE Spectra Kids Safety Goggles are built for ultimate protection and safeguarding. Goggles are carefully constructed with your kids’ eyesight protection in mind. Meets ANSI Z87.1 standard, assuring that your kids are protected with a product you can trust! Conveniently place these over everyday spectacles with enough room in between! Working on a project that requires easy on and off? The adjustable straps make for quick and easy wear or removal. Don’t let anything get in the way of your productivity! That’s why these goggles are fully equipped with liquid, splash, and abrasion-resistant features! The anti-fog and anti-scratch finishes help keep your vision clear, dry, and fog-less. Eye protection is crucial when taking part in activities like rapid-fire blaster shooting, classroom experiments, labs and projects, science, crafts, carpentry, woodworking, and sports! Protection glasses for kids is a commonly searched term along with protective glasses for youth. Kids safety goggles are also a term people use when looking for child safety glasses. Safety glasses kids wear are important to enjoying the activity without fear of accidental injury. Kid's protective eyewear is very important during class, especially during science activities. Kid's lab goggles are important for kid's eye protection during experiments and labs. Child-size safety goggles are crucial for youth safety glasses. Purchasing child safety glasses in bulk is something someone might do for a party. Purchasing safety goggles for kids is also something a teacher might do for an upcoming project or the whole class of student safety for youth protective glasses.


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