Dustpan and Broom Combo with 38" Long Handle for Home, Lobby, Kitchen, Office, Indoor/Outdoor Sweeping & Commercial Use, Black (1 Set)


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  • The lobby dustpan and broom set is made of heavy duty yet lightweight steel making it easy to sweep using one hand
  • Non-slip vinyl-coated handle provides a secure and comfortable grip while the dustpan sits flat to receive swept-up dust and dirt
  • Features combing teeth for combing the broom bristles as you sweep
  • Four rows of polypropylene bristles capture dust, hair and other particles to leave floors clean
  • Lock the pan in an upward position for storage or a downward position for emptying
  • It stands upright between uses with a snap-on clip for attaching the broom and dustpan handles
  • Well-suited to commercial and residential spaces as well as outdoor areas such as stages and kiosks

Sweep up dust and keep floors clean with the Kleen Handler lobby dustpan and broom set. With its long 38-inch handle, you can easily sweep one-handed without bending or crouching. The broom's multiple rows of flagged bristles effectively capture dust, dirt, crumbs, and hair, sweeping them into the dustpan where they remain contained until disposal. The dustpan's handle can be held with the other hand, ensuring stability during sweeping. The steel construction of the broom and dustpan makes them sturdy and lightweight, while the vinyl-coated handles provide a comfortable grip. To clean the broom's bristles between sweeps, simply run them across the dustpan's teeth. Storing the lobby dustpan and broom combo is also easy and convenient—just attach the handles using the built-in clip and stand them upright in a closet or keep them within easy reach in a nearby corner.


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