Glass Clean 24 in. Fixed Handle, Standard Screw In and Snap-In Attachments, Use with Window Squeegee


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  • KLEEN HANDLER Glass Clean 24 in. Fixed Handle, Available in Pack of 2 and 12 Handles
  • Extend Your Reach – Safely and efficiently clean hard-to-reach areas by easily attaching to any standard threaded cleaning attachment or accessory. The 24 in. handle provides just enough length to tackle high-reaching tasks effectively.
  • Skip Using a Ladder – Ideal for cleaning windows, reaching curtain valances, and accessing other high spaces from ground level. Compatible with pad holders, squeegees, window blades, dusters, wall pads, paint rollers, and more (each sold separately). Designed to withstand frequent use in industrial, commercial, or residential environments.
  • Material – Crafted from high-quality aluminum, this extension handle is lightweight yet remarkably durable and versatile. Its ergonomic handle grip enhances comfort and control, making it suitable for various applications such as dusting, squeegeeing, or scrubbing. Easy to store, with a conveniently sized hole at the top of the handle for hanging on a hook.
  • Dual-Style Attachment – Equipped with two attachment styles, including a 3-1/2 in. collar with a standard threaded tip for most common head installation applications, and a push-button, snap-in locking cone for compatible slide-on attachments such as the window cleaning combo squeegee (sold separately).

Our Kleen Handler brand presents premium Squeegee, complete with a 24-inch aluminum handle for enhanced durability. Designed with an ergonomic nylon grip, it guarantees comfortable handling and a secure fit. Crafted from anodized stainless steel, this tool ensures both versatility and reliability for all your cleaning tasks.


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