Kleen Mitt, Medium Grade Scouring Pads, OSFM, Green, Black and White (Pack of 3)


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Style: Left Hand
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  • POPULAR LIFE Kleen Mitt Pet Mitt Set: 3 yellow latex glove/mitt with a beige removable scouring sponge to attach
  • MASSAGE PAD: Studded bristle pad is perfect for easy detangling, gentle massaging during or after bathing. Flexible, ergonomic design to easily groom different animals.
  • HAND PROTECTION: Full coverage, water-resistant protection on hands to keep you dry, protected, and on task! Stay clean and dry while washing or brushing your furry friend!
  • REUSABLE & REFILLABLE: Constructed to be reusable, washable, and dishwasher safe! Changeable pet grooming pad refills are available for a high-quality function every time!
  • CLEANING COMFORT: Designed for ultimate comfort, this mitt is flexible and spacious for your hands! Enjoy less strain on your hands, as this mitt is specially designed for everyday use and ease.

POPULAR LIFE Kleen Mitt Green Mitt is designed with superior flexibility, comfort, and excellent multipurpose features for the toughest grime and build-up. The Green KLEEN Mitt has a medium-grade green scouring surface for hard-to-clean surfaces. It is ideal for flooring, ceramic tile, maintenance equipment, cleaning oven-ware, and removing burnt or dried stains on pots and pans.

Kleen Mitt makes the job quicker and much easier; Save time cleaning dirty kitchen instruments – whether it’s ceramic tile or metal, it’ll effectively get the job done. Use it instead of steel wool and metal scouring pads to clean charcoal grills, rusted or grimy yard equipment, as well as countless other industrial and commercial applications. Ideal for household environments or anywhere that involves cleaning maintenance, household or kitchen equipment, instruments, household, janitorial work.


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