Professional 14” Microfiber replacement sleeves for window washing squeegee cleaning tool, Blue


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  • KLEEN HANDLER Glass Clean Washer Sleeve, Bulk case of high-quality microfiber sleeves (handle and squeegee blade sold separately).
  • Replacement Washer Sleeves: Designed for use on windows and glass, these sleeves cannot be used alone.
  • High-Performance Microfiber: Made from professional-quality microfiber, these sleeves hold up to seven times more water than a regular cotton towel, minimizing lint and ensuring a scratch-free clean.
  • Compatible with 14-inch Squeegee Combo: Intended as refills for our 14-inch Glass Clean Squeegee Combo (sold separately), which combines a scrubber and squeegee blade in one tool.
  • Durable and Reliable: The microfiber material wears down over time, making replacement necessary to maintain optimal cleaning performance. Keep a stock of replacements to be prepared for normal wear and tear.
  • Essential for Streak-Free Cleaning: Having replacement sleeves on hand ensures you're ready for a lint-free, scratch-free window cleaning experience. Available in packs of 4 and bulk cases of 100.

Kleen Handler's premium 14” Microfiber Replacement Sleeves are designed for your window-washing squeegee tool. Available as single covers or in bulk packs of 100, they ensure a fresh, high-quality cover is always on hand (handle and squeegee blade sold separately). These sleeves fit our 14-inch Window Cleaning Squeegee Combo (sold separately), which combines a scrubber and squeegee blade. Over time, microfiber material wears down, impacting streak-free cleaning. Keep replacement sleeves ready to maintain flawless windows. Stay prepared with our sleeves for effective, streak-free cleaning every time.


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