Kleen Walk Non-Woven Disposable Shoe Cover, Non-Slip, Anti-Skid, Blue


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  • SAFE HANDLER Kleen Walk Non-Woven Disposable Boot & Shoe Covers
  • NON-SKIP & NON-SKID: These disposable shoe covers were designed with a non-slip and non-skid texture to help keep you on your feet while protecting your shoes from dirt and debris.
  • MULTI-USE & DURABLE: One Size Fits Most. The polypropylene material has durability you can rely on. These booties are meant to be used as boot covers or shoe covers, in various activities such as moving, painting, carpentry, renovation, or janitorial, while also offering a diverse range of coverage for home cleaning, pest control, plumbing, electrical services or other residential needs.
  • KEEP FLOORS CLEAN: When clean shoe covers are placed on shoes before entering a residence or place of business, the floors and carpet will be kept clean from any dirt or debris that may be on shoes that were not protected while outdoors.
  • KEEP SHOES CLEAN: When placed on shoes before heading outdoors, the disposable shoe booties will help protect your shoes from the outdoor terrain. Or keep shoes clean when there is renovation, painting or construction of any kind going on indoors.

Safe Handler Kleen Walk Non-Woven Disposable Boot & Shoe Covers are designed to keep you on your feet with an anti-slip and anti-skid texture, while also protecting your shoes from dirt and debris! They are able to be used for a variety of different applications. They are great to have on hand to welcome visitors or service technicians into your home or office. You will keep your floors clean from their dirty shoes. OR if there is construction, painting, or renovation of any kind going on in your home or place of business, wearing these booties will help keep you on your feet and keep your shoes clean!


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