Threaded Tip 8 Ft Extension Handle for Glass Cleaning: Telescopic Standard Thread Replacement Handle, Metal Mop Handle (Adjustable from 54 Inches to 8 Feet)


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  • KLEEN HANDLER 8-Foot Telescopic Mop Replacement Handle with Threaded Tip, Bulk Case Pack of 6 Handles
  • TELESCOPING POLE – Safely and efficiently clean hard-to-reach areas by easily adjusting the extendable telescopic pole to the desired length and securing it in place with a simple twist of the joint. This 2-section extendable broom handle extends from 54 to 96 inches, offering versatility from 4 ½ to 8 feet. Available in a bulk case pack of 6 for added convenience.
  • NO MORE LADDERS! – Ideal for cleaning windows, reaching overhead pipes, and accessing other high spaces from ground level, eliminating the need for ladders. Versatile enough to accommodate various floor attachments such as pad holders, squeegees, window blades, floor brooms, dusters, deck scrubs, wall pads, mop heads, and brooms (sold separately). Built to withstand frequent use in industrial, commercial, and residential environments.
  • MATERIAL – Constructed from lightweight yet durable aluminum, this extension handle is suitable for a wide range of applications. Its ergonomic handle grip enhances comfort and control, making it suitable for window cleaning with a squeegee or mopping. Easy to store, with a convenient hole at the top of the handle for hanging on a hook.
  • DUAL-STYLE ATTACHMENT – Equipped with two attachment styles, including a standard threaded tip for common head installation applications and a push-button, snap-in locking cone for compatible slide-on attachments such as the window cleaning combo squeegee (sold separately).

Extension handles are essential for reaching high places, with "extension poles" being another commonly used term for the same. Many individuals seek bulk extension handles for their business cleaning supplies. Telescopic handles are frequently employed for cleaning windows. A replacement telescoping handle is particularly useful for staying at ground level while reaching high areas. Telescoping handles are commonly purchased online in large quantities. An extending handle allows you to reach higher than a standard pole would permit. Choosing an extending pole enables you to adjust to the necessary height. An extendable handle proves invaluable when items are just out of reach. An extendable cleaning handle pairs wonderfully with duster attachments. These extendable handles are ideal for cleaning offices, schools, and large buildings. A handle for cleaning is indispensable for simple dusting, paint rolling, and window cleaning. A cleaning handle for a window squeegee is essential. A window cleaning handle is perfect for reaching greater heights with a squeegee. A cleaning handle for windows is a necessity. A cleaning pole for windows is often referred to as a cleaning extension handle. A cleaning extension handle for windows typically features a telescoping pole. A squeegee handle for cleaning windows is required both at home and in the office. A squeegee handle is excellent for extending the reach of that tool beyond its usual limits. A squeegee extension handle is frequently necessary for window cleaners. A push broom handle may sometimes require an extension pole to cover wider and farther areas more quickly. A handle for a push broom, available in two pieces, allows you to select the appropriate length for the task at hand. A handle for sweeping is suitable for both men and women. Sweep effortlessly with an extension handle for sweeping. Janitors who sweep and mop floors truly benefit from having a high-quality mop handle. Mop extension handles can also accommodate other attachments. Mophead extension handles are a valuable addition to janitorial supplies. A duster extension handle is commonly utilized in restaurants to clean high areas such as pipes. Dust collectors are highly beneficial in the restaurant industry.


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