Before and After Party Cleaning Tips

Inviting guests into your house can be both festive and stressful! There's a lot of pressure on cooking delicious food and making your home look neat and clean. With the festive season hitting so fast, why not prepare ourselves with cleaning hacks? And If you are looking for fresh ideas for before and after-party cleaning for your professional house and office. 

Here are a few tips to help you prepare for your next event clean-up-

When hosting a party, there is a lot to consider from decorating to cleaning the house. Unfortunately, cleaning will most likely occupy the most time on your to-do list. Remember, you don’t have to clean your whole house for a party. You can exclude some parts and rooms of your sweet home.

Prepare yourself by purchasing cleaning stuff in advance, so you don’t need to rush at the last minute. Buy the best mop, scrub pad, apron, safety gloves, and other cleaning essentials in advance. Make sure you have a list of the items you have to buy.

Wear your mask, glove, and apron, and get set ready to start with your to-do list. By taking all the cleaning precautions, you can protect your hand, clothes, and eyes from different splashes and dirt while performing your tasks worry-free. Make yourself all geared up for the cleaning and cooking. 

Below are some cleaning recommendations for before a party-

1-Start With Quick Clutter Busting

Clean one room at a time! Don’t puzzle yourself with lots of stuff. It is not the time to clean all your closet and cabinet. But it is about clearing out the clutter in your field of sight. Use disposable safety gloves to keep your hand clean and protected from different dust and splashes. 

Just focus on two things-

  • Bring a trash bag and dispose of all the unwanted debris you see.
  • If you have something expensive and unfinished keep it in a safe place from getting damaged.


Pick up your shoes, boots, and scarves and place them in a closet or a covered basket for any entryway entrance and mess. If possible, place a plant pot or a vase of flowers on the entryway table. If you have a mirror inside the lobby, clean it quickly. Keep your safety gloves on to protect your hands safe from dust. You can also use a dust mop, and long dust mop handles to clean the entryways without much hassle.

3-Create space for coats

When your guests come, you should have a place to put their winter clothing if it’s freezing outside. To avoid that mess, make a space for hanging the coat at the entrance or in the coat cabinet. If you don’t have sufficient space in your closet, consider using a portable garment rack or transforming a room near the entryway into a temporary coat room. 

4-Living Room and Dining Room

Clean your living room and dining room as most guests will spend time talking to you inside there only. Replace the old vase with a new one and try out a few decoration changes to style your home your own way. Try out some seasonal decorations to impress your guests. 

Don’t forget to wear your cleaning essentials like safety gloves and a hairnet to wipe out the dust perfectly.

5-Refresh the Bathrooms

Shut the shower curtain. Remove everything off the sink and the top of the toilet except for fresh soap and hand towels, a candle, and a small vase of flowers. Wipe down the sink, faucets, and mirror. Clean the toilet and put on some good refreshing scent. Cleaning Safety Gloves can protect your gloves from harmful chemicals and detergents while cleaning the bathroom. So, don’t forget to wear one for your safety.

6-Plan your menu using less-messy foods and drinks

If you are planning to host the party at home and have a lot of light-colored rugs or carpets, look at planning a menu around white wines to avert the prospect of red wine stains. Use a hairnet and food handling safety gloves to keep everything clean and hygienic. 

7-Use stemless wine glasses and a successful party

But stemless wine glasses include one massive advantage: They are not as likely to be pumped by guests. And after a successful party, revisit your pre-party cleaning list, start from the top and work your way down! After a successful party, thorough cleaning and a long week are a must. Put up your feet with a glass of your favorite beverage and toast to yourself!

Hosting a party at home is never easy! You have to do multiple things to impress your guests. Bison Life offers a wide range of products for post and after-party cleaning. Buy the best food handling safety gloves, hairnet, mop, Scrub pad, and other essentials. If you want to check our website, click the link here-