How to Prevent Hand Cuts in Winter

Winter is hard on our hands, and we need extra hand care during winter. Have you ever noticed how your skin responds to the changing seasons? If so, you’ve likely noticed that your skin often gets drier in winter. Low humidity levels, cold air, and dry indoor heat can leave your skin looking dry. Washing your hands frequently to avoid flu and colds can lead to a lack of moisturization in your hands. Hand and wrist injuries are usually some of the most common injuries that happen during the winter season. 

According to a study, approx 20% of hand injury risk increases during winter. It is usually due to colder temperatures and other environmental factors. As we know, holiday time is full of activities and events that heighten the risk of injury. Here are some of the most common injuries that can occur and tips to avoid them from happening so you can stay safe this winter.  

Reuniting with family and friends during the winter holidays increases so does the household work, and you need to take extra precautions to protect your hands from cuts and injuries. For that, you need to wear the correct safety gloves. Safety gloves are essential personal protective equipment to prevent accidents and severe hand injuries. Among other PPE like safety glasses and knee pads, industrial safety gloves are another essential protective gear that every employee should wear while working in the industrial environment.

Many industrial safety gloves are available online to satisfy every application, from chemical processing to electrical equipment handling and other safety requirements. Workers from the same industry or business require several types or grades of safety gloves according to their work. For this purpose, manufacturers produce safety work gloves with distinct materials and different characteristics besides application. The safety work gloves range from synthetic to natural fabrics like cotton, plastic, rubber, etc., and cut, chemical, cold, heat, and abrasion resistance.

Here are some tips to take care of your hands this winter:-

  • Wear gloves every time you go outside
  • Use rubber gloves when doing housework
  • Add humidity to your home
  • Use a moisturizer every day
  • Use a deep moisturizing treatment at night
  • Coat your hands with oil before bathing
  • Use mild soaps or soaps with moisturizers to avoid drying out your skin
  • Lower the temperature of your shower or bath.
  • Don't forget sunscreen on your hands. 
  • Keep moisturizer next to your sinks.

Be sure to maintain the softness and cleanliness of your hand. So it doesn't release bacteria or mold into the air. If redness, peeling, and tenderness persist, see a dermatologist. As the holiday season hits with the winter, prepare yourself and do your research and buy the most suitable gloves for your hand to protect it from cuts and other injuries.

Cold weather can be harmful even if you’re not working outside. For workers in some industries that deal with snowstorms and other dangerous winter weather conditions, these problems can get especially bad. Cold weather means an increased risk of hand injuries, whether directly related to the cold or as a side effect that prevents workers from doing their jobs safely. By wearing the correct safety gloves as per your task and work, you can avoid accidents and stay safe.

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