Importance of Fire Safety Signs and Tags

Close your eyes and assume a scenario where you are running to save yourself from the burning flame, but all you find is a dead end. Scary right? No one wants to be in a circumstance like this one. And here we need the fire safety signs. The fire safety signs help and direct people to safety when a fire hazard occurs. 

If you are responsible for the security and safety of any commercial premises, you may already know that you need fire safety signs. Fire exit signs are probably the ones we are familiar with, but many other types of safety signage are required and outlined by the Regulatory Reform for safety and security.

Unfortunately, many of us don’t know what fire safety signs indicate. Therefore, people can get confused about their meaning even with clear signage, often resulting in a life-threatening situation. Here in this blog, we will provide you with an overall understanding of these signs. Apart from learning the signs, you will also know how to pursue them. Be till the end!

Why are Fire Safety Signs Important?

Fire safety signs save lives and control massive property deterioration. Fire Safety Signs have two primary sections. One section helps avoid fire incidents, and the other instructs what to do during a fire. Signs for preventing fire allow people to understand the processes required to avoid fire. Also, these signs mark and prohibit activities that can cause a fire. They help in reducing fire safety risks and ensuring a safe environment.  

On the other hand, the second type of fire safety sign reduces the devastation caused by fire. These signs guide people to exit routes during the duration of danger. In addition, they indicate where the fire equipment is located to extinguish the fire. Thus, these signs save lives and help to get out of the fire and stay safe.

However, putting up the signs is not sufficient. People living or working in the building should understand the meaning of signs and what they indicate. If they can’t understand the signs and are not able to follow the rules depicted in the signs, then every effort goes to waste. Hence, along with placing the signs, educating people about them is also equally essential.

Why do you need Fire Exit Signs?

If your business or commercial premises have one exit you may not require Fire Exit signage. They are not a legal requirement if it is obvious how to exit the building, for example, a small lockup or warehouse with only a front door. If your premises are more complex, you will need Fire Exit Signs at the required positions. The placement will be according to how many you require and at what places of the building e.g. multi-floors, access routes, and the number of exits. The concept is to make it easy for occupants to use it (especially visitors or those not familiar with the layout) to be able to find their way out of a building, especially if it is on fire.

What Does the Fire Safety Sign Colors Mean?

There are four colors used for fire safety signs – Green, Red, Yellow and Blue.


If you’re wondering what color is fire exit signs? It’s green. The green color signs mean it’s safe to go through a specific route or do an action in case of a fire emergency. 


The yellow signs display caution. They provide warnings on what are the hazard risks in an exact area. For example, you can find them near explosive substances.


Red color signs mean a prohibition on specific actions and indicate danger. Along with that, the color red also indicates fire safety equipment. For instance, the fire extinguisher sign is red.


The blue safety signs guide actions that help in ensuring fire safety. For example, ‘Keep Clear’ or ‘Keep Door Shut’.

What are the Categories of Fire Safety Signs?

Different types of fire safety signs convey different meanings. The classifications of fire safety signs are as follows –

  • Prohibition Sign
  • Warning Sign
  • Mandatory Sign
  • Safe Condition Sign
  • Fire Exit Sign
  • Fire Equipment Sign
  • Supplementary Information Sign

Prohibition Sign

The prohibition sign prevents the action that can increase fire risk. For example, prohibition signs convey orders like "Do Not Smoke’', where smoking can be dangerous. These signs help in avoiding actions that can lead to fire risks. So, it is essential to place prohibition signs where needed, and everyone must follow them to prevent fire accidents.

Warning Sign

Warning signs are in the shape of equilateral triangles. There is a black band around the triangle, and the pictogram is in the center. The pictogram is also black, and it denotes the type of hazard. Warning signs allow people to understand the risk factors. Moreover, It plays a meaningful role in creating a safe work environment. So, the warning signs should be placed correctly and followed strictly at all costs.

Mandatory Sign

The mandatory signs are usually circular with a blue background, and the command is in white writing on top of it. Mandatory Signs show the action they can take to prevent a fire accident. Therefore, everyone must pay attention to these signs and follow them for safety. 

Safe Condition Sign

The safe condition signs indicate fire escape routes, first aid equipment emergency exits, and fire assembly points. In addition, these signs guide and instruct the occupants of the building in case of fire emergencies.  Safe condition signs are integral in minimizing casualties in fire accidents. Every building, commercial or non-commercial, must add safe condition signs.

Fire Exit Sign

Fire exit signs are for directing the location of the fire exit doors. They help people to navigate and find the nearest fire exit. When fire accidents occur, people panic and rush everywhere to find an escape route. And if no proper guidance is provided for the exit. The whole situation can convert into a life-threatening disaster. So, there should be clear fire exit signs which will lead people to safety. 

Fire Equipment Sign

A fire equipment sign indicates where the fire equipment, like a fire extinguisher or water hose, is placed. These are rectangular or circular signs. Along with a red background, there is white writing and symbols on them. If the fire equipment can’t be found at the right time, it can cause massive damage to people and property. Thus, the fire equipment must be marked with proper signage. 

Supplementary Information Sign

Supplementary signage provides additional details to people and helps them stay on course in case of a fire emergency. Hence, these signs are as important as any other fire safety signs. These signs are usually rectangular in shape, and the text or the pictogram is in white and placed in the center of the sign. 

Fire hazards are like deadly nightmares that consume everything in their paths. The only way you can prevent fire hazards is by following the fire safety rules and placing the fire safety signs in the correct places.  However, if you want to go the extra mile in ensuring the safety of your loved ones and your property, Bison production offers a wide range of products to keep you and your family safe from such accidents. Check them now-